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MarketPlaces offers a number of modular order management systems specifically aimed at the professional trader. Using modern Object Oriented technologies, MarketPlaces facilitates a flexible response to changing market demands. Apart from that, better malleability and cheaper maintenance are ensured by these technologies. MarketPlaces platform-independent front- and mid-office modules can be easily integrated with your existing backend systems.

  • MarketPlaces is Internet enabled. It allows you to enable customers to enter orders into your system.
  • Using a special authorization module you can monitor and manage the user rights of different levels of users you have defined.
  • An integrated team module enables larger organizations to trade from different locations, with different specialized teams, using the same system on different exchanges. All this can be managed from one central location.
  • The security and operations modules ensure a completely automated order trail with the possibility to focus on the complete history of specific trades or traders. All reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel without any problem.
  • MarketPlaces is language independent enabling cross border use of the system.

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